Food additive sieving systems solutions

Food additive screening problem?

Food additives are compounds or natural substances added to food for the purpose of improving the quality of food, such as color, fragrance and taste, as well as for the needs of anti-corrosion and processing technology. At present, there are 23 categories and more than 2000 varieties of food additives in China, including antioxidants, bleach agents, leavening agents, colorants, flavor enhancers, nutritional enhancers, preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and so on. Because food additives contain a little oil, with rotary vibration sieve is easy to block the mesh situation, Dingcoma corporation production of food additive sieving machine can play its screening advantages.

How to choose a food additive vibrating screen?

Food additive manufacturer needs to screen and separate their food additive powders into 10 mesh, 18 mesh, and 35 mesh grades. Their existing airflow screening machines have a maximum throughput of only 500 kg/h. To increase productivity, customers need to sieve powders at a higher rate. Problems with the existing sieve machine caused the powder to clog the screen mesh, further reducing production.

The customer contacted us, and after detailed communication, our engineers recommended the customer to use an ultrasonic vibrating screen or linear additive sieve machine. Finally, the customer use an ultrasonic vibrating screen with a diameter of 1200 mm -- the screening time of 500 kg powder was reduced from one hour to only three minutes. The adjustable vibration force system of the ultrasonic vibrating screen produces more intense action. This improves screening and separation efficiency. Due to the nature of the powder, an ultrasonic sieve deblinding system is installed on the base rotary vibration screen to eliminate mesh clogging, which helps to further increase production, reduce downtime for cleaning the mesh and extend mesh life. The customer ordered two ultrasonic vibrating sifters immediately after the trial and is now benefiting from improved product quality, increased productivity and reduced costs.

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Are you looking for a food additive sieve machine?

Dingcoma corporation food additive vibrating sieve advantages

In order to meet customers' on-site screening requirements, we have made the following improvements in accordance with European and American food additive standards:

1. Easy to clean and clean: the bottom frame adopts a sloped shape to change the sanitary substandard problem caused by material hoarding caused by the production of dead corners in the welding forming;

2. The built-in grid is free to install without positioning;

3. built-in ultrasonic connecting rod and mesh welding, reduce installation steps, prolong the screen blocking time.

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