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Dingcoma have been serving the coatings industry with market-leading sieving, separation and filtration solutions. Every type of coating, however it is manufactured, needs to be filtered or screened at some stage to guarantee its quality. We have dealt with a great deal of different coating products from solvent borne liquid paint to powder coatings, from hot resins to emulsions, each with their own characteristics.

Dingcoma regards powder coatings as one of our primary industries. We design vibrating screen and industrial screen which are easy to clean and disassemble to help you improve production process and product quality. Ensure the good quality of powder coating, protect the important equipment (such as nozzle) in the production process.

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Below is a selection of applications where our separation solutions are used within the coatings industry.
If you are interested in learning how our vibratory screeners and industrial sifters can help improve your powder coating process, Please contact us. Our screening and separation specialists will help you to customize a set of solutions.
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