Chocolate Powder Screening Solution

Chocolate powder is a comprehensive powder, mainly composed of cocoa powder, sugar, emulsifier, and other ingredients. Chocolate powder screening is a difficult subject.

Philippines chocolate powder manufacturer was recommended by a customer and wanted to design a sieving machine for chocolate powder sieving. Since the output of the Brazilian customer's original sieving machine cannot meet the requirements, want to design a sieving machine with a larger output. Combining customers' needs, we recommend a 1500mm diameter stainless steel sieving machine. The stainless steel material meets the food hygiene requirements to ensure that the product is not contaminated. The diameter of 1500mm can meet the production requirements of customers, and it can sieve 2000kg of chocolate powder in one hour. The vibrating sieving machine has greatly improved the output and screening accuracy compared with the customer's original sieving machine.

Vibrating sieving machines can not only solve the screen mesh blockage caused by product agglomeration, and reduce downtime; but also can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and reduce customer production costs. And our screening machine is easy to operate, easy to change the screen, and high safety.

Dingcoma has improved a series of screening solutions for the food, medicine, lithium battery, and other industries, and has extensive experience. According to the needs of customers, the products that customers want can be customized.

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