Compact Sieve

Compact Sieve

Vibratory Sieve Machine

Compact sieve is also called direct discharge vibrating screen,and the machine is equipped with a single motor and a dual motor structure.Safe screening to ensure product quality.


Direct discharge vibrating screen is a new and multi function screening machine,which can be installed one or two vibration motors according to customer's specific situation.Vibration source is divided into single motor or double motor structure.

Material trajectories have many adjustment form, equipment applicability increased significantly, material direct emissions have greater capacity.More used in such as particles of powder rough screening or precision sieving.Large capacity,easy to combine with production line,and can choose between 600mm to 1800mm.

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Feature & Benefits
  • Beautiful appearance,durability,Low noise design.
  • Small volume,does not occupy a space,easy to move.
  • Low energy consumption,high efficiency.
  • Disassembly easy,inside and outside easy to clean,meet the food and pharmaceutical industry specifications.
  • Automatic operation,can 24 hours of continuous production.
  • Seal is rigorous,the liquid does not leak,dust does not float in the sky.
  • Monolayer or multilayer use,multistage filtering.
  • Food industry:Vibrating screen can be used for processing starch powder, sugar powder, sale, rice flour, milk power, soybean mile, sauce, fruit juice, condiment, and so on.
  • Chemical industry:This vibrating sieve is widely used for handling resin powder, paint, industrial chemicals, detergent powder, activated carbon, cosmetic, Chinese medicine powder.
  • Metallurgy industry:aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, alloy metal powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide powder, electrolytic copper powder, abrasive powder, High temperature resistant material, kaolin, limestone, dolomite, alumina, calcium carbonate, quartz sand and so on.

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